This is an extremely light  bio, I am from FL and have been living in NYC for 7 years. My mother was an EH teacher (emotionally handicapped) which taught me a high level of emotional intelligence, she also is a writer of poetry and children's books, I did my first illustration of a children's book character named "Lauren Marie" written by my mother. My father was a musician and he wrote lyrics and poetry. He also enjoyed drawing, which were my gifts I would receive from him in the mail, things like a drawing of Mickey Mouse, or characters from my favorite movies, the last drawing I sent to him back was a TY beannie baby raccoon. You're in 90's territory, I am 30. My mother met my stepfather when I was 4 years old, he is English(Norwich)/Scottish, so growing up with that was hard on my growing voice. My mothers mum was an old pin up model and taught some etiquette classes, but very southern roots. My sister was close to a mother figure towards my upbringing (very protective). One of my favorite movies is SuperStar, at the beginning she says "I grew up in the ugliest house with the ugliest lawn", looking back, we were the only house that had trees everywhere, almost like that small corner of St Pete FL was the woods, where we would plant greenery and flowers, I always had a garden thankfully to my mothers green thumb, one time my neighbor (a snow bird) only around in the summer, was sawing a part of our tree limb that was hanging over our fence into his yard, and at 10 years old, I definitely said something, "What are you doing!??? Its a tree!!!" Like come on man, we have to breath here. That house was bulldozed and no trees are in the yard anymore, idiots. I have a dog named Rhett Butler, I love Gone with The Wind, I mean... my aunt had the plates next to the dinner table. I am a gemini, so I flip quicker than a light switch, although I always try to keep that on control. I usually want to run around like a weirdo and start some sort of running/dancing in the streets vibe, or in a store, I've done that. I like red wine, I like internally happy people. I am Meisner taught, so I can easily spot a fake, I believe in killing people with kindness, but sometimes I flip hence the gemini, but I'm genuinely very caring, I like working out, my fiancĂ© and I like to stay feeling partially sane, We did the Inca trail in Peru last year and was hiking for four nights, five days, my first camp (besides Cheer Camp-yes cheerleader) , first hike. It was incredible and intense, I would do it again. I got engaged to my English/Welsh FiancĂ© last year in Santorini Greece, it couldn't have been better! If you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me. xox