I enjoy Rock, classical, reggae, hip-hop, folk, country, r&b, classical, and every other type of vibrational mindfulness.

Some artists/bands who may have helped me: Donald Hacker,Don Preston Hacker, Janis Joplin, Fiona Apple, Lisa Loeb, Nirvana, Counting Crows, Oasis, Radiohead, Mamas and The Papas, The Beatles, Britney Spears, Jewel, Bonnie Rait, Mariah Carey, Notorious BIG, Salt&Pepa, Tupac, Louis Armstrong, 10,000 Maniacs, The Cranberries, Nina Simone.

I am 3rd generation musically inclined, my father and his father were musicians.

I write lyrics, below are some of my written words, in the bathroom obvi. lol