I have written a psychologically horror script I am in the midst of formally putting it into format.

I am working on four books, catering to very young to teen ages, I am very excited about them, I am illustrating the books myself, also working on illustrating another book written by my mother.

In 2014 I wrote and self published an analogy of writings, poetry, thoughts and lyrics. "Are You My husband? Poetry and Writings of a Morbid Thinker" Is available as an e-book on Amazon. Link below:


Morbid thinker Snippet

"Real kisses on my forehead, I'm a morbid Thinker, you're a sweet guy. I have lies deep inside that don't keep me alive, a twisted soul who wants more and more, enough is never the end till my lost revenge, you've given me real love. Real kisses I keep missing; I can't feel much- this body and mind are numb, to what's real, the past lovers before you, daggered into my bones, you're not them and I see the real you...."    by Rachael Hacker